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German Navy Dagger WWII:

Blade Marks:
Carl Eickhorn (stamped squirrel holding sword)
This is a 2nd Model Navy Dagger.

German Naval Officers Dagger type II

A very nice piece, Carl Eickhorn made Top Quality Navy daggers.

This one is exactly as one would expect it to be.
It is properly maker marked on the obverse with the "Original" Carl Eickhorn maker mark.

German Naval Officers Dagger type II

The dagger shows the manufacturers logo etched into the blade.
Well detailed eagle/swastika pommel and fouled anchor crossguard with the larger quillon block and
"drilled" style release button found on Carl Eickhorn examples.

German Naval Officers Dagger type II

Gilded brass hilt fittings show light surface wear to pommel and cross guard, with some gilding remaining in recesses of eagle & swastika pommel and fouled anchor pattern cross guard.
The pommel is in excellent condition. This dagger is 100% original in unaltered condition.

German Naval Officers Dagger type II

The off-white celluloid-over-wood grip is unaltered showing a fine crack and small chip near the top wrap, and is complete with tight twisted brass wire wrap.

The "Pommel" is turned somewhat to the side... I will not attempt to turn it to the front as doing so may cause damage. This can be corrected by unscrewing the "Pommel" and making an adjustment.

The Polished, blade grades Exc.+ showing minor surface wear/runner marks with some minor gray speckling to the obverse/reverse lower blade near tip, but no nicks to cutting edges.
Blade is complete with leather blade buffer pad and retains 100% of the light gray background frosting in the fouled anchor and floral motif etch pattern.
Minor Dents on Gilded brass lightning bolt scabbard shows light surface and retains 50% of the factory fire gilding and approximately 5% of the factory lacquer and is complete with well-detailed oak leaf scabbard bands.
Original bullion portepee shows little patina and relatively little fraying to the cord.
Portepee is in excellent original condition.

It's complete with detailed oak leaf scabbard suspension bands.


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